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The Ausseerland

There is no limit to the diversity of the surroundings.

Some prefer to truly indulge their souls, while others deepen into a book or let their thoughts fly over the lake. 


The others use the infinite possibilities of sport.

In the water, on the land, in the forest and on the mountain.


Some guests make daily excursions to the nearby surroundings with destinations such as Salzburg, Hallstatt, Bad Aussee, the Dachstein glacier and much more.


There are visitors who enjoy the feeling of home and immerse themselves in the cultural diversity of Ausseerland. Cultural events that attract visitors year-round. The last oasis of authentic Austrian traditions, lived by the locals.


The Grundlsee is the largest lake in Styria, Austria. It is called "The Styrian Sea"- a large sweet water lake of the finest kind, full of pure drinking water. The Ausseerland is an Austrian nature & culture treasure -  this idyll is hard to beat. People and nature harmoniously combined.


This variety of lakes and mountains is embedded in the world-renowned  Salzkammergut and is unique in its nature.


Holiday - as they should be. In a region that is authentic and full of unique nature.


more time

for sports

to relax

for nature

Mountain - Idyll

Backenstein, Sarstein, Loser, Grimmig, Rotgschirr, Mitterberg, and Trisselwand are just some of the famous mountains surrounding the Elfenhaus. Right behind the house. Whether demanding hikes, relaxed hut hikes, lake hikes or interesting  art walks. The Ausseer mountains and lakes offer unspoilt nature. From spring to autumn it may happen that a friendly mountain chamois is looking over your shoulder, while taking a mountain hike.

In autumn, you can hear from far the impressive tube of deers within their mating season and come back to the Elfenhaus with a basket full of forest mushrooms and berries. You may also cross some mountain saddles with your mountain bike in the spring. In winter, ski tours attract to discover unspoiled mountain peaks.

Sports - Idyll 

In all seasons - spring, summer, autumn, and winter—you can be active at the Grundlsee in the Ausseerland region. From comfortable to demanding, you decide what, how, and when to be active, whether independently or with expert guidance. Local rent shops, sports schools, and guides are available. Later, back at the Elfenhaus, you can jump into the lake to refresh and go to the private sauna.

Spring - Summer - Autumn

  • Hiking and theme walks 

  • Guided hikes

  • Climbing and rope climbing park

  • Paragliding

  • Swimming 

  • Stand up paddling

  • Kayaking

  • Rowing

  • Rowing

  • Sailing and windsurfing 

  • Whitewater paddling

  • Fishing 

  • Golf

  • Mountain biking

  • E-Biking

  • Fast road biking

  • Horseback riding

  • Crossbow shooting

  • Stock sports

  • Yoga by the lake

  • Lake running

  • Nordic walking

  • Tennis 


Winter- sport

  • Ice skating on the frozen Grundlsee

  • Cross-country skiing in the idyllic Gössl at the Grundlsee

  • Skiing 

  • Ski area Loser - Altaussee (FIS-downhill run, fun-park, Apres Ski)

  • Ski area Tauplitz, Bad Mitterndorf (a freeride paradies) 

  • Ski touring

  • Cross-country skiing in Altaussee and Bad Mitterndorf

  • Snow-shoe hiking

  • Sledging and night sledging  

  • Curling

  • Ice climbing

  • Sleight rides


  • Spa at the Narzissenbad in Bad Aussee (swimming, wellness, fitness)

  • Thermal spa Grimmingtherme in Bad Mitterndorf (swimming, wellness, water slide for children)

  • Thermal spa Heilbrunn



  • Tennis + squash

  • Bouldering

  • Bowling 

Austrian culture - Idyll

The Ausseerland is entirely authentic. Traditions and culture are firmly embedded in the run of the season and lively lived by locals and guests. Daily and yearly. In addition to many small and large events throughout the year, numerous places of interest, museums, cultural objects, and more express these strong bonds with their home area. Intimate music performances, concerts, and readings take place—everything is always of high quality and authenticity.

Worth seeing are also unique handcraft shops. Hand-printed fabrics, crips for Christmas, Dirndl and Lederhosen, traditional tailors and made-to-order. All known across the borders. And always an excellent gift to yourself or your loved ones. 


Experience the whole cultural year.


  • Unique carnival - the so-called fifth season in Aussee  (Maschkera, Ausseer Flinserl, drum women) 

  • Ski Flying World Cup at the  Kulm

  • Local Easter traditions

  • Ausseer Jazz spring

  • Daffodil festival with a procession of beautifully decorated boats at the Grundlsee

  • Cultural summer Aussee 

  • Gössler Kirtag celebration

  • Burning mountains celebration

  • Vienna State opera-ballet  in Aussee

  • Altausseer Kirtag celebration

  • Contemplative  Ausseer Advent (Christmas market, Krampus run, cribs exhibition)

  • and a lot more

Excursions - worth seeing 

Several UNESCO World Heritage places are waiting for half-day or day visits in the immediate vicinity. 

A total of 18 large and small lakes, countless mountain peaks, a glacier, three large ski areas, and much more are here to explore the surrounding area. 

A vacation is too short even to come close to experiencing only part of it. You have to come back to explore more. 

Top destinations close to the Elfenhaus

(only 5 min to max. 1 hour by car)

  • Bad Aussee

  • Altaussee

  • Hallstatt - World Heritage  

  • Bad Ischl - Imperial city 

  • Salzburg - home of the famous Salzburg festival, Sound of music and much more

  • Dachstein glacier - World of Experience

  • Bad Mitterndorf, Tauplitz

  • Bad Goisern

  • Admont - Benedictine Abbey



Choice of local attractions

  • Boat trip on the Grundlsee, Toplitzsee und Altausseersee

  • Legendary Toplitzsee - you know the story of the lost gold

  • Salt mines and their "salt worlds"

  • Rustic mountain huts

  • Loser panoramic road

  • Kumitzberg - pilgrimage place

  • Culture museum Bad Aussee

  • Lookout at  Tressenstein

Our Elfenhaus guest information and your hosts will provide a lot of detailed information and first hand gems.

The Ausserland was also the film location for recent Hollywood blockbusters. A perfect spot for wild nature scenes with lots of emotions. For example: 

"The Monuments Men", a 2014 movie with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Cate Blanchett. 

"James Bond 007 - Spectre" a 2015 movie with Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes and Monica Bellucci.

Postcard - Idyll 

The Ausseerland area was always a point of attraction for tourists, artists, writers, nobles, and prominent industrialists. But the center were always the locals, the Ausseers, who preserved and developed their home with great care and passion. They ensured that the Ausseerland remained an unspoiled and almost surreal Idyll.

A jewel. A constant in changing times. A lot of scenic places are genuinely timeless.  

Beginning with the Austrian  archduke Johann who started his love story with Anna Plochl here, to the famous actor Klaus-Maria Brandauer ("Out of Africa"),

writer Alfred Komarek,

writer Barbara Frischmuth, painter Rudolf von Alt, 

historian and publicist Paul Lendvai, conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt, just to name a few,

up to several Austrian industrial dynasties, have found their first or second home here. 


Within the last 100 years, a lot of postcards from the Ausseerland had happy senders. 


A destination which is rich in tradition.

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